Collective Consciousness

1. Dance
2. Memes
3. Hundredth Monkey 4. Carcinization
5. Morality
6. Akashic Record


2022 – 13"

for trumpet and trombone

commissioned by the Balaton Chamber Brass


We’re all connected, or so we think. This suite explores the ways we may or may not be under the influence of a collective consciousness. But don’t let me tell you what premonitions you perceive; instead, ask yourself these questions:
· Can I sense my dance partners without touch?

· Have I seen this meme before or was a niche internet micro-celebrity browsing my brain? · Once you’ve taught ninety-nine monkeys how to fish, will the hundredth cause a chain reaction where monkeys miles away will acquire this new skill? (This one has been “debunked,” but you don’t let “science” dictate your life.)

· If the crab body shape is so efficient, where the heck are my pinchers?? (Checkmate, biologists.)
· Why are philosophers so weird despite spending all day contemplating ethics?
· How many hallucinogens do I need to take to communicate with my ancestors? (Or, more importantly, to know if my crush likes me??)

Enjoy your existential crisis! <3, Zoe


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Collective Consciousness