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featured: ~ p e r c o l a t e ~


~ p e r c o l a t e ~ is a collaborative composition by Zoe Cutler and Tori Ervin, a composer, engineer, sound designer, and performer. It was premiered in March of 2018, and is a piece for solo trombone and fixed media. Every sample in this work comes from the manipulation of live trombone sounds, including mouthpiece, air, and muted sounds. You can listen to a studio version of it here, for three trombone parts overdubbed. The piece has also been performed live with just one trombone.



Hudson is an 8-piece World ensemble inspired by the music of Brazil, Indonesia, and the Middle-East, in the context of American Jazz. Members bring expertise from a variety of backgrounds in European classical, American jazz, and folk music. The group has several arrangers and composers, who have written and adapted beautiful works for this new EP. Zach Resnick, Hudson's trumpet player and one of our composers, wrote "Through the Night," the fourth track on this EP. Vibraphonist Matt DiBiase composed the final track, influenced by a timeless Brazilian groove.

The Oberlin Choro Collective

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