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Brass Quintets

Personality Test

2020 – 12"

There are five types of people: Doody Daddy, Dirty Dawg, Sweaty Betty, Lil Big Boi, and Reggie Rhombus. Which one are you? It’s all in the name. This set of miniatures might allow you to discover a deeper level of human nature than is offered by conventional tests like Myers-Briggs and astrology. Talk amongst yourselves: your friends will know which type of person you are.

I Don't Really Care What You Call It On Your Program

2017 – 12" (brass quintet or string quartet)

Twenty Tricky Tunes

for two trombones

A collection of quirky, quick, and catchy duets for cunning trombonists. Each Tune has a unique style and harmonic palate, with something for every musician and listener.

Intermediate to Difficult—A fun project for anyone! Version for two bassoons also available.


Unaccompanied Series

Scribbles (for 1 floppy fish)

For solo tenor or bass trombone, 7". An exploration of the trombone and its coloristic flexibility. As an often-misunderstood instrument, the trombone lacks a historical repertoire and its abilities are not well-documented. In this piece, I aim to demonstrate some colors available, including extreme dynamic contrast, harmonic slurs, harsh articulation, and the trombone's infinite low range. I also use multiphonics, which is a technique that involves singing while playing. The title comes from an ongoing revision process which has reduced my sheet music to a mess of scribbles, and the piece is part of a larger series that includes Slithers (for 1 sneaky snek) for solo euphonium.

Slithers (for 1 sneaky snek)

For solo euphonium, 4". Dedicated to Andrew Ennis.

Flirtations (for 1 sassy salamander)

For solo bassoon, 7". Dedicated to Aviva Klein.


Trombone Choir Music

3 Sad Songs that were supposed to be 4 Love songs
but I didn't think about anyone in particular when I wrote them so they turned out sad :(
(for trombone quartet)    11"

Beethoven? (for trombone sextet)    3"

(composed by Zoe Cutler, not Beethoven)
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