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Duets with Benefits is commissioned by Carol Jantsch and designed to be played with friends and frenemies. This collection contains 12 duets that work for any combination of low-brass musicians.


As the first Benefit, each duet is available in 2 keys, with suggested instrumentation as follows:

High Key
Upper part: Tenor Trombone, Euphonium
Lower part: Bass Tuba (F/Eb), Bass Trombone

Low Key
Upper part: Bass Tuba (F/Eb), Bass Trombone

Lower part: Contrabass Tuba (C/Bb)

(There are other combinations available, depending on your comfortability in your instrument's low or high registers.)


In addition, the second Benefit is that tubists who play F and C tuba (or Eb and Bb) can play the lower part of High Key and Low Key duets with minimal changes in fingering. All Low Key duets are a perfect 4th below their High Key version. (All credit goes to Carol for this idea.)


Of course, performers may play any duets in any combinations and any order, but as a third Benefit, I wanted to include some suggested suites that can be programmed instantly, to reduce the decision fatigue of sifting through this thick book. And, because it's me, these suites have ~alternate titles~ available. (Or, use your own titles – any will do.)


Note: this is an digital download that contains several PDFs in a .zip file. If you'd really prefer a printed version please contact me.

Duets with Benefits

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