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For solo tenor or bass trombone, 7".


An exploration of the trombone and its coloristic flexibility. As an often-misunderstood instrument, the trombone lacks a historical repertoire and its abilities are not well-documented. In this piece, I aim to demonstrate some colors available, including extreme dynamic contrast, harmonic slurs, harsh articulation, and the trombone's infinite low range. I also use multiphonics, which is a technique that involves singing while playing. The title comes from an ongoing revision process which has reduced my sheet music to a mess of scribbles, and the piece is part of a larger series that includes Slithers (for 1 sneaky snek) for solo euphonium and Flirtations (for 1 sassy salamander) for solo bassoon.


Recording available on YouTube.


Note: this is an instant PDF download. If you would prefer a printed version (it'll take a week or two), click here.

Scribbles (for 1 floppy fish)

SKU: ISMN 979-0-800149-01-6
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